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All-Natural Ingredients

Every ingredient in our treats have a nutritional value. No fillers, no added salts or sugar. No hydrogenated oils.

Little Barks is licensed through the department of Agriculture. Veterinary-approved and offered to purchase for their clients. Local ingredients and only U.S.A. human-grade ingredients.

Specialty Treats Available

  • gluten-free
  • diabetic treats
  • low-calorie treats
  • seasonal and birthday treats
  • filled treats with fresh-ground peanut butter

All-Natural Ingredients

  • Rolled Oats: Source of protein and fiber
  • Garlic: Heart health, bug repellent, skin and coat health & has been shown to boost immune system
  • Parsley: Helps with bad breath and soothes sensitive tummy
  • Olive Oil: Only first-run oils to retain full benefits. Skin and coat health. No hydrogenated oils.
  • Calcium: Used in the form of finely ground egg shells. Cleaned and ground in our kitchen to assure quality.
  • Natural Organic Fish Oil: Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6. Joint support, skin and coat care. Also has been shown to help dogs with allergies.
  • Whole Ground Wheat Flour: Source of fiber and protein.
  • Sweet Potato: Loaded with anti-oxidants. A great source of fiber and calcium. No saturated fats.
  • Yogurt: Aides with digestion.
  • Korean Rice: Naturally sweet treat with no saturated fats. Low calorie.
  • Rosemary: Ground organic rosemary is a natural preservative with a bonus. Natural anti-fungal.