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Cat Collars

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harvey-model.jpgAll Little Meows cat collars are made with 100% cotton fabrics and have a kitty bell attached. They are constructed with high-quality hardware sewn with nylon thread for added strength.

We use curved safety (breakaway) buckles, so if your cat's collar becomes stuck on something, it will quickly come off the cat, leaving your cat unharmed.

We have a wide variety of fun colors & fabrics to fit you and your cat's taste.

Cat collars come in two different sizes of 6-10" and 8-12". To find your cat's size, it is best to measure your best friend's neck or old collar.

Why use Cotton?

Little Meows collars are made from high thread count, 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton is a natural fabric that is washable, durable and soft like your favorite t-shirt. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton is soft and gentle on your cat’s coat and prevents napping and adverse reactions common with un-natural materials.  Every collar is sewn with a double layer of nylon threading with a commercial machine for strength and durability combined with the comfort of cotton fabrics and quality hardware.

Remember, collar safety is YOUR responsibility. Pets should never be left unattended in a collar that tightens.