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Dog Treats

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treats4.jpgOur Treats our Home baked in small batches in South Carolina with local sourced ingredients.
All of our Treats are Licensed by the South Carolina Department of Agricultural to assure that quality and safety standards are met. Little Barks is a Certified South Carolina Certified. Our Treats are Lab tested and Veterinary approved.

Flavors include Peanut Butter Dog Treats, Bacon and Cheddar All Natural treats, and Dog Treats for sensitive dogs with allergies. We also have Yogurt-dipped Treats. Seasonal Flavors are available as well.

All Little Barks treats contain fish oil with Omega-3, which maintains the health in your dog's coat, eyes, and heart. Little Barks treats also have no added salts, sugars, or hydrogenated oils. The fat content in our treats is a natural fat and vital to your pet's health and to the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. For further nutritional information on our ingredients, please visit